Friday, 18 January 2013

Shopping!! My Black Clutch :)

Hiya People,
WHATTT!!!! I did say I'll try not to shop in Feb so common fellas cut some slack :) in return lemme show you the abso-flippin-loutely fab clutch I picked this month :)

The Envelope is suddenly in vogue and after hunting for one in over 20 different small n big shops, big brands included I finally ended with this lovely :D

Black being my all time favorite colour and the simple yet elegant design made me splurge. I would like it in a deep red too (greedy me :P) The material is glossy so I don't have to worry bout staining the fabric but yes there is a prob, due to this very glossy finish I have to be sure I don't have oil or cream on my hands else it instantly shows on this clutch in the form of finger imprints :( the plus being I can just wip it off wid a tissue ;)....It came wid a elegant gold chain so I can use it as a purse as well

What do you think?

:) yeah yeah will stick to my no shopping for a month resolution in Feb, till then happy shopping to you n me as well he he!

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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