Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Look of the day :)

Hiya Friends,
Firstly thank you for such sweet mails...one of the readers has asked me bout my outfits n lemme tell u am not a brand freak also I don't splurge on branded accessories n stuff, regarding my daily outfit I love to wear jeans with tee or kurti/ tunic :) also I generally wear addons that are pocket friendly coz I have the habbit of giving it away if ni of my friends really like it, I just remove it n give it to them so I have a strong reason to splurge right :)
I generally have very busy mornings so it's hard to click everyday pics but since I have a bit of time today will quickly post my casual look that am wearing today..here goes...;)

Am wearing a simple cotton Kurti wid Jeans, It's a Blue n Pink pleated kurti with box pleats.Dark Blue wid Sky blue print on it and a bright pink that is added on the sleeves, front and neckline.

It has this beautiful vertical pleats in the front teamed with horizontal pink lines 
 It also has tiny pink stones studded in the front that look quite cute n girly but not blingy.

The Sleeves have a lovely print of pink and blue.

I teamed accessorized it with a trio of colourful wooden bangles in white, pink and blue. Priced At Rs.10/- per piece

I kept the earrings simple wid just a hint of pink with Pink plastic studs priced at Rs.20/-

The makeup is very subtle with pink and brow eyeshadow, brown at the corners used upwards and outwards on the eye. Eyeshadows used are from my Just Gold Palette

I teamed it with a pair of blue denims

Since those bangle are bright enuff to attract attention to my hands I completed the look wid my Colorbar Nail Lacquer in Black Currant (Click for Review)

An it's quite hot at this time of the day so by the time I finished clicking I was perspiring so I just tied my hair in a loose, messy fish braid wid a pink band to tie those loose strands

I've applied Juicy Grapes Lippy by Jordana and Lotus Purestay blush in Strawberry Touch

Threw all my stuff in my pink bag, sorry don't remember the price, it's from Westside and as I step out will add a pair of bright pink flats, chalo fells then gotta rush, have a fab day :) Ciao!

Ur Shopaholic...Priya :)

P.S.I've been a veryy veryy good girl n have not shopped at all in this month as promised it's just that I hope all the stuff I've window shopped stays till March :P Haan Haan Mein Crazzzy Hoooonn....whatttt! was just singing the Coke Ad song :p love u all, c ya

Friday, 8 February 2013

Movie Review of ABCD

Hiya All.
The movie ABCD is a breath of fresh air, being a dancer it is like a dream come true to finally watch a movie that is loaded wid Dance....Dance...n more Dance :) Any Body Can Dance is packed wid superb dancers n familiar faces from DID (Dance India Dance) There is a dancer in all of us, Big...Small...Young...Old...we have jigged at some point in our life n cherish those moments....ABCD awakens that dancer withing us all, it's a fast paced movie that promises to keep you entertained till the last scene...rather the last dance ;)

The story is of a Dance teacher who is forced to quit his academy that he has so painstakingly brought to fruition n then embarks on a journey to once again seek n teach those wid potential n will to rise from the ashes n make their mark...follow their dream 

Do make it a point to watch this movie, it's a must watch n plz do watch it in theatre, I feel it's the least we can do for the genuine efforts taken in this movie, also it will be a tribute to all the legendary dancers who have thought us a Way Of Life.....DANCE!

N don't miss Prabhu deva .... like always he is SUPERB!! 

Dance Away...Ur Veryyyyyyyyyy Happy Priya :D

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Adding Colour to my day + Cute Lil Saree Purse

Hiya Fellas,
Am sure all u people love colour... some of us have our favorites but other than Black&White which are my all time favorites, I find it quite hard to pick my favorite colour of the lot coz I simply love all vibrant colours. So with my liking for all colour I just could not resist buying these wooden beauties in an array of fresh, youthful n vibrant colours, just had to have 'em. I have lodes of wooden bangles that I pair wid my kurtis, skirts & tunics.

Am sure most of you must've seen 'em in flee markets, priced at Rs.10 per piece in my case Rs.50 for 6 :P WHAT!!! How can I not bargain when am trying to save for my new pair of black heels from Catwalk :P ain't they just outta this world....cant stop staring at 'em......hmmmm.........

OKKKKKkkkkkk reality check...it's a no shopping month :(...niways cuming back to my post....I was feeling a lil low today n decided to add a pop of colour or rather colours to my mundane morning n so teamed my white tunic wid a colourful scarf n these lovely bangles

It's quite surprising how just a pop of colour can change my mood...I grabbed a quick bite n in the rush took out time to play my guitar for 10 mins n wallah was chirping again, am a very talkative brat so me being quite is quite out of character :P...ohh yeh I also waned to share wid u this cute lil tiny purse, I call it a saree purse coz for a nut like me wearing a saree is the most unnerving task, esp when one has to walk like a lady...u know...elegant n graceful, so not me :P so when I'm trying to hold my saree this cute lil bag is so apt.....

....coz I love to carry a tiny purse that can accommodate my cellphone, cash, keys n a tiny lipstick but mostly  land up wid a beautiful clutch that's a task to carry around in a party or marriage. Generally someone asks me to hold their crying baby...bags of gifts....some aunts plate overflowing wid food.... a bouquet of flowers....and yeh sabke beech you have to hold ur Saree n make sure u touch the feet of all elders present..... phewwww in all this commotion the clutch is passed on like a parcel in the hands of the closest relative or friend :P....u get the overall picture right ... that's when this purse acts as a savior for me.

It looks tiny but can accommodate all the above essentials and is easy to carry coz all you need to do is hang it on ur wrist n forget bout it till you need the contents that are inside ;)

Available in many colours you mite spot this at variety stores, I had got a Silver one too that was gifted to a dear friend on her engagement n me...I love the classic black, it'll go gr8 on a black dress for that dinner date too.. priced for Rs.300/- is a utility product so if you spot it do go for it, really convenient, classy n girly :)

Cute Na :D

Do lemme know bout ur favorite bag/purse/clutch that you love to carry on ur Sarees, till then take care n be happy coz the only person who can make U feel happy is "YOU" avoid the negative, capture the positive n treasure your Smile, it's very precious...sweet drmzzz :)

Love Always
Priya :)

Monday, 4 February 2013

EXCEL Lipstick,The most pocket friendly lippy I've ever purchased

Hi Friends,
With a mind boggling array of cosmetics one can get quite confused to add to this the products are quite pricey and so when I came across this lipstick I was just stunned looking at the price. It's priced at just Rs.60/- :p yeah u heard me right justc 60 bucks! Hmmm now that I have your full attenshion lets move on to the review ;)
This pocket friendly lippy comes in a thick pencil applicator, if u've seen NYX Jumbo Pencils or the Colorbar, Take Me As I am Pencils u'll know what am talking bout, the best part of the packaging is that it's a retractable lipstick so U don't need a sharpener for this lovely, cool na ;)

I was just checking out few lippy's n spotted a basket full of lippy's from this brand, on asking I was told there was no tester available for this product, my aunt picked a darker shade n asked me to pick one, I prefer subtle shades n so picked this n on inquiring bout the price I was dumbstruck, I repeated the qs. just to make sure I was told bout the price  and not number :P ...60/- ONLY!...HOW...WHY.... what is it made of??? Will it cause any allergy...:) yeah these question were swarming in my head too. The lipstick said it is enriched with vitamin C and B2...am not sure of that but what am sure of is this product DID NOT cause any allergy or pigmentation, in fact it was a super smooth lipstick, an awesome shade in No.4, naaaa, no name for it just number, kept my lips hydrated till it lasted....I was a happy girl :D

No.4 is lovely Peachy Pink shade n has a very smooth n soft texture, 2.8g of product at that price is .... I guess insane :) am not sure of it's contents and weather or not it has lead but am using this for last 10 days and it has turned out to be like a regular lipstick, no irritation etc. Has a creamy matte texture.

The only thing I don't like is the staying power which is 2hrs on my lips and not a very enchanting fragrance but other than that it's a steal....literally! The packaging is not classy but no complaints of any sort, will definitely buy more lipsticks from this range n if all cosmetics where so pocket friendly I would've had a huge bank balance by now ... on second thought I think I'll prefer a store house for the products I buy from the money saved :P crazyyyyy meee ;).... do grab a stick of this if you spot it, price may vary.

And that's a sleepy me in the sunny morning :) wearing EXCEL Lipstick in 04

Chalo people off to bed, TC n gudnite...ciao!

Love Ur
Priya :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3

Hiya People,
Today will be reviewing the much talked bout product in the world of Makeup, MAC Face and Body Foundation. It comes in a 50ml travel friendly plastic bottle with a nozzle for dispensing the product. The consistency of this foundation is very watery but ones you start blending it onto your skin it starts thickening and finally blends in like a second skin.

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3

It's a beautiful product but I will personally recommend it for those who need sheer coverage. It dose not cover pigmentation, scars, marks or even dark facial hair for that matter. This product is also ideal for those who are new to makeup and really have no clue of using a foundation n require sheer coverage for everyday use. You cannot go overboard with this product so even if you take more quantity of this foundation it still blends beautifully wid the skin.

The key is to pick the right shade of foundation, do not pick a shade that is brighter than your skin tone, it's a misconception that a lighter shade will make you look fair, it just makes you look white n chalky, The shade closest to your skin will make you look very natural, for those wid paler skin a shade darker than their skin tone is suggested.
It's a water based, water resistant foundation that lasts upto 8-10hrs on my combination skin.

All MAC Face and Body Foundations start with a "C" for yellow undertones and "N" for those wid pink undertones.For Indian skin tones shades starting from "C" are recommended.

This is how it looks on me :)

Priced at Rs.1700/- is definitely pricey but since it's MAC n the product is just superb I'll say it's worth the outlay. I will suggest you to first take a sample of this pricey product from the MAC store n try it out in different lighting as well as time of the day n only after your satisfied go ahead wid the splurge. At times we buy things on impulse n also if you're a new bee in the world of makeup you mite be a bit timid to ask, relax! MAC SA's are very friendly and even if you find a not so friend SA still ask for a free sample of this product, test it to your satisfaction, any queries am just a mail away okies :)

Ur Crazy Shopaholic
Priya :)

Saturday, 2 February 2013

My Weekly Crush ;)

Hiya People,
I got this bag on my recent Shopping spree and this is my crush for the week ;)

It's a dull shade of Aquamarine colour with stripes of bright orange. The overall combination is very unique and due to the vibrant orange and very minimal design on the bag I found it to be quite eye-catchy yet elegant.

It has a cute n oval gold latch

The flap is orange from inside and has 4 compartments inside.With a broad base the bag is big enuff to accommodate my entire makeup kit, wallet, glares, a snack box, my energy bars n a small bottle of water as well ;)... I can vaguely recollected a line written by Chetan Bhagat .."A women's bag has contents that can last through a trip to the Antarctic!"....or sumthing like that...:P

Came with a lovely white belt but I prefer to flaunt it by dangling it on my arms or hold it in my hands rather than sling it on my shoulder ;) women I tell u :) :P

Love it to bits umaaaahhhh!!! What!!!! it's my crush for the week after all ;) gudnite n sweet drmzzzzz...

Your Crazyyyy
Priya :)

A quick review of Jordana Lippy in 11, Juicy Grape

Hiya Friends,
Hope ya all r having a fab weekend. In my Mumbai Shopping spree I came across this gorgeous shade called Juicy Grape from Jordana. True to it's name the shade is a juicy Mauvish Pink. It looks glossy but on application looks semi matte on the lips.

Comes in a regular see through plastic casing which is travel friendly but not classy. 
The bullet looks super moisturizing and it lives upto it's visual image by keeping the lips hydrated as long as it lasts. Stays on my lips for 2-3hrs n has a smooth texture.

Priced at Rs.299/- is worth the outlay. Covers pigmentation and looks lovely on the lips. The colour is quite subtle but dose not wash me out, rather defines my lips beautifully, gloss not required.

Was wearing this lippy yesterday without a gloss. The only con is I didn't like it's fragrance but that's ok, I can overlook that since this is a fab lippy n an awesome shade at that price. 

Do lemme know ur thoughts on this product n if u've tried lippy's from this range do share ur valuable views bout the same.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Friday, 1 February 2013

A Vibrant look of da Day

Hiya Friends,
I've been shopping in Mumbai n was gifted this lovely kurti by my Aunt from Cotton Culture in Inorbit, Navi Mumbai. Just loved the colours n so decided to team it  with a pair of girly heels, I picked a crazy shade of tie up heels of this colour...Just felt like sharing the look wid u, whatcha think??

It's a loose knee length Kurti in vibrant Green with a patch of Turquoise, a nice, unique n refreshing combi n best part it's pure cotton :)

It's a knee length pleated kurti with a high collar clubbed it with black leggings.

Tie up heels, a black clutch and a tiny green beads bracelet in my right hand.

Personally I love vibrant n bright colours, do lemme know ur take on this outfit, gudnite n chweet drmz ;)

Priya :):P