Monday, 7 January 2013

Pune Malls- Part III, Phoenix Mall

Hello People :)
Wondering why am I smiling from ear to ear? coz I spotted this baby at the Phoenix mall Pune, A Superdry Morgan Threewheeler Roadster :) when one says three wheeler this is definitely not the image that pops up in the mind but after seeing this beauty, this is what will always come to my mind henceforth ;) with a metallic silvery-grey exterior and with a 1910cc V twin engine this tiny yet lovely machine hits a speed of 0-60 km in less than 5 seconds, top speed 115mph, It's not the speed or performance it's just the sheer thrill of seeing this beauty can't stop me has a vintage look and..... okkkkk lemme stop blabbering bout this car and move on to the post...:)

Let's face it this mall is HUGE! Considering the sheer size of this mall one can spend the whole day here and still leave widout seeing a few stores. I had gone wid my Family and we were here from 11am to 7.30PM and still we had to see many more shops. By know the regular readers already know being a shopaholic is something that runs in the family ;D so thinking bout the vendors and product mix, am not sure the vendors make huge business in this mall, the reason being it's sheer size, I personally feel rather than build such a huge mall 2 smaller ones at different locales would've been more revenue generating. The parking is divided into 3 slots, one that sends you for a  roller-coaster ride so deep down that at a point one starts wonder how closser u're getting to the magma inside the earths core,,,,no kidding! the other at the back of the mall which is for both two wheeler and four wheeler which I find the most convenient parking of the three and one that goes to PVR cinemas, Yes it has PVR as one of the anchors while the other being Star Bazaar.
 I don't feel Westside dose the work of an anchor in any possible way, one due to it's placement in the mall and 2ndly it's the saddest Westside outlet I've ever come across, the most lazy an unethu staff and boring display...everything in this particular Westside store is a turnoff, will make you wanna just walk away ASAP. ... The biggest con in this mall that I being a makeup artist and crazyboutmakeup is the nonavailability of it. Yes there is Bodyshop,Lush and Faces but what bout brands like Revlon, Chambor, Maybelline, Bourjois, Max Factor, Colorbar?? These brands are there inside Westside but as I said it's a sad case, very unhelpful SA's and no new launches available also most of the things are outta stock. 

What I like as a shopper:
I like the way the mall always has some or the other new attraction for the visitors like above Roadster. I like the product mix of this mall, I like the fact it has Bodyshop, Lush. I love the Starbazaar and the Veg n Non-Veg counter inside it, believe me the food is amazing and quite economical, when my brain is too lazy to think I go here n just grab butter chicken n zeera rice here, the only thing is you have to stand and eat ur grub, it's for those who wish for a quick bite due to tummy rumble while shopping. Also one can get few pocket friendly yet lovely kurtis here inside check it out on your next visit. Also do get your Starbazaar card which you can use even when you buy a meal. 
Moving to the foodcout, it's lovely and it also has Fine Dinning options that one cannot find in other malls, my favourite being Mangi ( Try their muhsroom soup, cheese, mushroom and spinach stuffed pizza) it's lite and super tasty...I also loved the stuffed mushroom's in starters...the other Fine Dining option I like is Zambar, I love the entire experience you enter inside u're cut off from the loud's very peaceful inside with a mild aroma encircling you, soulful music and beautiful boat shaped seating.... my favourite meals here is Non-Veg platter, appam and sambar. The platter consists of different types of chicken and mutton preparations and trust me u'll simply love it.....those trying to cut on carbs just this platter as a meal by itself is a super it! Will cost you Rs.1000-1200 approx for two people which is a decent price for a fine dinning restaurant n if you like a milky coffee do order one here, Nice!


What I don't like as a shopper:
Inconvenient and quite irritating parking space in the basement, horrible parking again for two wheelers on the 1st floor... the first time I went on bike it took me 1 hr to find that parking coz no one including the mall security knew it even existed, I was blessed by a cleaning boy who knew this khufiya parking :P..... When shopping for cosmetics comes to mind Pheonix will NEVER be an option for me unless it is Faces or Bodyshop. If u're tired and still are dragged along for shopping u'll hate this place unless you decide to sit in one of the lovely seating spaces and be a spectator, if you decide to tag along the mall has a terrible flow... in trying to make a shopper see all stores they have NOT designed the escalators one above the other so if you wana go to the next floor u'll have to walk the entire length that will kill u.... I love to shop n walk but I shop less in this mall due to all the walk...I just give up  go to the foodcourt and chill. 
I like the courtyard concept but they could've made it a bit more lively and engaging like Amanora Mall, as of now it's NOT a place I'd like to sit and njoy the surroundings and buzz.

Rating 6/10

Other than that security staff is nice and polite, washrooms are better than any other mall in the vicinity. 

Cute Na :)

I visit this mall only for Starbazaar, PVR, Zambaar, Mangi and at times a brand that's not present in Inorbit, in that very order. Also do lemme know u're take on this mall.

Take care and Happy Shopping

Priya :)

p.s.Few more mall reviews to come.


  1. Am so glad that things have changed a lot since I wrote this there is a MAC and Sephora...just waiting for Bobby Brown :D

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