Monday, 4 August 2014

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in shade 13

A Quick review bout a quick buy :) I was waiting on Geneva station and was bout to board a train to  Paris. I was feeling low since due to delay in checking out from my hotel I had missed our train by 2 mins that had cost us another 300 Franks ( Rs.21000 approx)  my hubby was quieter than usual seeing me upset due to my stupidity. A normal girl would sit down glued to the seat and vouch not to shop at least for the next 24 hrs but nutcase that I am I went around trying to cheer myself n picked up this lippy n few more things from Body Shop store on the station... I had to run again to the platform n saw the panic stricken face of my hubby...he was wondering I was bout to miss the train AGAIN! :) I clicked these pics in the train n also ended up giggling. Phewwwww my hubby too was smiling looking at me n blurted out " You really are crazy bout makeup hun" :P rather than sulk over what's been lost it's better to enjoy what one has, hai na :P n what I had at that moment was a super cute lipstick from Body Shop :D smiling ear to ear.

Body Shop Colour Crush lipstick in shade 13, it's a pretty pink shade in the tube but looks peachy pink on application....the shade looks peachy brown in the pick below buts its a refreshing berry pink with visible shimmer. The packaging is sturdy n travel friendly, comes in a silver casing with a pink logo of The Body Shop.

It imparts a lovely natural looking rosy tint to my lips but the glitter is a turn off for me. Gives medium coverage n has a very poor lasting power of 1 hr on my lips. Feels quite hydrating on the lips and dose not require gloss. I got this for Rs.1800/- approx, it's not a must have shade but very cute shade when you wanna walk out looking very natural n girly.

And this is how it looks on me 

Priya :)