Monday, 7 January 2013

Lotus Purestay Long Lasting Blush in 604,Strawberry Touch

Hello People,
Today will be reviewing a lovely blush that has become a part of my most favorite collection in a very short span. I was reading few posts by my fellow bloggers and came across Rati's post from and she had done a post on Lotus Purestay Blushes, available in four colours on their official website and boy those blushes looked sooooo tempting that I ordered one in next 5mins.

I like Lotus brand when it comes to their skincare range but I'm not a fan of their makeup range so I steer away from all lotus counters while shopping, also I don't like the pakaging of their lippies, again it's my personal opinion and am sure many will disagree. The package arrived in 9days after ordering. It was nicely wrapped in a bubble wrap and then in a thermacol insulation inside a hard brown box, inshort very nicely wrapped to avoid any kinda breakage. I also was given a complementary sample of Cocomoist moisturizer.

This is how the packaging looks and it's heavy, classy and quite big compared to my other blushes. The lovely packaging holds 6gms of product and is priced at Rs.595/- .

It's a beautiful pink blush that imparts a lovely pink flush to my cheeks but one needs to be a bit careful since it is easy to apply more than the required quantity of this product especially since it's light and the colour is simply adorable.


Would like to give few tips to beginners...

  • Use a nice blush brush and not the tiny one that comes along with your blush 
  • Tap the excess from your brush before you apply
  • Always start from the top outer corner of your cheek and then move in towards your chubby cheeks:) this will ensure you don't get too much colour on the most visible and prominent part of ur face.
  • A "BLUSH" as the names goes is meant to impart a lovely flush of colour to your cheeks and not make you look like a clown so use it sparingly
  • If you have chubby cheeks NEVER! use the blush on the chubby part of ur cheeks, it will highlight it all the more, rather go for contouring which is a way to give dimension to your cheeks and face as well so you can enhance you features and in this case reduce the chubbiness of your face.
  • Pink blush is everyone's favorite but it's not necessary that pink will suit everyone, it mite just happen that some other colour may make your face look more natural so keep an open view while choosing your Blush, don't stick to pink.
  • The best way to select blush is after a workout check your makeup free reflection in the mirror and see the colour on your cheeks, try to get a shade resembling or closer to this very shade of your natural flush.

 Lotus Purestay Long Lasting Blush in 604,Strawberry Touch
Smooth texture and very fine particles, no shimmer and stays on my cheeks for 4-5hrs.

It's kinda hard to capture this pretty yet lite colour on camera yet I've tried my best.

If you have any queries feel free to mail me of simply post you query in the comment box below. Also do lemme know your views on this product and Lotus Purestay range.

Yawnnnn off to bed...TC, gudnite and sweet drmzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzz

Priya :)


  1. looks lovely on you . i love how you apply your eyeliner so perfect!

  2. Thanx a lot for the compliment Parita, glad you liked the blush :)

  3. I am likin this shade d most! Will test at d counter and grab it :) Can't thank u enuf for d review :)

  4. Hiya Raaga,
    Thanx a lot for appreciating, glad the post was helpful :)


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