Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vega D'Tangler Wet Paddle Brush

Hiya People,
My week is shaping up great, hope so is yours. I've been meaning to review this brush since last week, so a very quick review about Vega D'Tangler Wet Paddle Brush.

All of us have faced the problem of hairfall at some point in our lives, there are numerous reasons for hair fall and one among them is breakage. Again there are many reasons for breakage, dry hair, frizzy hair, combing wet hair n many more. I personally am habituated to blow-drying my hair into a sleek curtain after every wash, but even after applying serum I do find it quite problematic to comb my wet hair, so I generally wait for 'em to dry a bit or just semi-dry 'em without combing. This process was consuming my time n also resulted in me being harsh with handling my hair in the morning rush. This brush was the ultimate solution to my problem.

It's a girlie pink paddle brush with flexible intelliflex bristles, guess that short of Intelligent n Flexible :P niways so moving on ...

The picture is quite self explanatory... if I just had to add my experience then this is a lovely product n value for money. While buying expensive products, curling n straightening irons n serums we oversee the basic necessity, a good hair brush, it plays am important role in maintaining the hair texture n health.

Priced t Rs. 325 is an excellent buy esp if you have long hair like me. I love this product since its made my life a lot easier n hair more beautiful ;)
Also available in a round brush.
 Very flexible bristles that dont tug or pull ur hair while they r wet. So while you go n check out this brush lemme treat myself to these moist, sweet n n simply ummmmm boondi ladoos :) c ya

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Friday, 23 August 2013

Maybelline Colour Sensational Moisture Extreme Lipsticks in 811 Dusty Rose

Hiya Friends,
I had had a nice week n hope so did ya all. This is a lipstick most of you must've come across at a Maybelline counter but I love it n here's my view bout it, Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick in 811 Dusty Rose.

Comes in Maybelline's signature packaging for reds. It's a very pretty plummy pink that is neither very bold nor dull, like Madhuri says in Jhalak Dikhlaja...PEEEEEERFECT ;) jada filmi hogaya kya :P jokes apart it's a everyday wear colour for all skin tones.

I love the smooth texture that glides beautifully on da lips and gives 'em a moisturized look.

Is quite pigmented n staying power is the only con I see in this lipstick which is 1-2 hrs on my lips. 

Priced at Rs.250 for 4gms is a decent buy.

Priya :)

Monday, 19 August 2013

Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner

Hiya Friends,
Hope you all had a fab weekend. I had a lovely time @ Amanora mall, more bout my visit to Amanora later but for now a quick review bout Sunsilk Radiant Shine Conditioner.

It decently priced at Rs.56 for a 80ml bottle. Comes in their regular tube packaging of cream n gold

I personally liked the product, I don't have very problematic hair but still this is an affordable product that has given me good results. It dose not make my hair dry neither dose it make 'em oily, imparts a beautiful shine that I love.

Did not cause any itching or hairfall n YES, I will recommend it.

I've used this conditioner with my Sunsilk Dream Soft n Smooth Shampoo.

Priya :)

Sunday, 11 August 2013

My Haul from

Hiya people,
Hope u all had a fab weekend. Last week I had ordered few skincare and makeup products online from Browsecart and it was the best service I've ever received. I placed the order on Monday in the afternoon and got an instant call from their end to verify the order since it was COD (Cash on delivery) and I received the parcel on on the following Thursday. I was surprised at their service and delivery time, just 3 days :)

Nicely packed, every product was individually packed in bubble wrap an d delivered in good condition.

This was my very first order from this website and due to their service will be ordering more products soon.

 Priya :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad in 520 Brazen

Hiya People,
How is your week shaping up? Am gud and my week has started on a good note with my Grandmom coming home after being critical in ICU. A quick review bout my new everyday eye-shadow quad from Revlon. I've had this beauty for over a month now and I honestly loved it since it has been very faithful with me on my Reception day, yes I applied this very Eyeshadow on one of the most important days of my life, my Reception and so strongly vouch for it. 

Revlon Colourstay 16 Hour Eyeshadow Quad

There are 4 beautiful and wearable shades in that quad and is gr8 for creating a wearable everyday smokey eye. The 1st is a yellowish gold, not very glittery and acts as a good base or to highlite the inner corners of the eyes or below the brows. The 2nd is a peachy brown that is beautiful to cover the full lid or to add dimension in the outer corners of the eye. 3rd on is a beautiful peach that instantly brightens up the eyes and can be again used to cover the full lid or cubbed with the 2nd colour, peachy brown. 4th one is the wow colour, its a very different brownish black, I dont really like greys or blacks while doing smokey eyes but this brownish colour imparts a very soft look to the smoked eyes. It is lovely for just clubbing it wid the 2nd or 3rd colour by applying in da crease to give depth or under the eyes to intensify them. Its a lovely warm colour and I love this quad.

It stayed on me for a good 10 hours, the texture is smooth, not very powdery so has very less fallout at the time of application. It comes with an applicator but no mirror :( available in 8 beautiful shades.

Priced at Rs. 730 for 4.8g grams of product may seem pricey but its a nice quad to own since every colour is wearable, lasts for a long time and is easy to apply without causing mess. The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly, the see through casing adds to the ease of locating it.
The colours are quite similar to Copper Spice Eyeshadow in Revlon 12hr colourstay quad except the 2nd colour its chocolate brown in that quad.

I've applied this quad in this pic n pardon me for the poor lighting, will upload a more clear pic asap. Till then you fellas take care n have a fab day :)

Love Always
Priya :)

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in Natural Light

Hiya People,
Today will be reviewing a product that most of us have seen on every Revlon counter, Skinlights Loose Powder. Available in 3 colours. 1. Natural Light with silver shimmer for everyday use and natural looking glow, 2. Golden Light with gold shimmer in it, beautiful for functional makeup and 3. Bronze Light for a lovely sun kissed tan, ideal for medium to dark skin tone.

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator in Natural Light

Comes with a tiny brush in a separate compartment in da box. I suggest you to use your regular powder brush or a blush brush instead of this brush since it picks up lot of product making da skin look shiny n unnatural.  

Fine holes dispense da product after you open the screw on lid so it's tra make you look vel friendly and wont spill in your bag. The very finely milled powder is easy to apply and just a single stroke dose da trick. Do not use this as a setting powder but use it as a highlighter on the cheeks, nose, chin and if required on da forehead. Oily skin gals like me beware, apply this product sparingly else it will make your skin look oily like a poori :P

All the contents of this product are not mentioned on da packaging but it did not cause any breakouts on my sensitive skin.

Priced at Rs. 750 for 21g of this powder is a decent buy n will last you a very verrrrrrrrryyy long time.

After few minutes of application it settles n blends and imparts a natural glow so don be alarmed if it looks shiny at the onset :)

And this is how it looks on me in day time after 15 minutes of application :) 

Revlon Skinlights Face Illuminator on me @ Night

Have a fab day :)