Monday, 14 January 2013

Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush

Hiya People,
Sorry for being away for a few days... how r ya all? Am fine but quite sleepy at the moment still will do a very quick review on one of my fav blushes, it's the Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush in Pinch Me Pink.

It can be used as Blush, Eyeshadow as well as a Bronzer. A beautiful amalgamation of a finely milled shimmery pink with a beautiful bronze makes this blush a rare beauty. It is a tad dark on my skin so I use it for contouring but for those wid Medium skintone this is a lovely blush. Due to the shimmer in it I prefer to use it in the evening when I am out wid friends or family. 

This also makes a lovely eyeshadow and for those with dark skin tone it also can be used as a bronzer. There are many other colours in this very range of Shimmer Magic Baked Blush but this is my pick from the lot n love it. Yawwwnnnn am damn sleepy fellas and am using all my will to keep my eyes open since have not slept for over 3 days in a row... My take a nice Shimmer Magic Baked Blush to own if you don't mind shimmer and have a medium to dark skin tone  Priced at Rs.750 for 9g of product, it's gonna last me a very long time. 

In the swatches below you can distinctly see the two colours present in this single Jumbo product. This is not a must have blush/eyeshadow/bronzer so even if you skip this buy it's alright.

Colorbar Shimmer Magic Baked Blush in Pinch Me Pink.

Packaging is fragile, lotsa annoying fallout while applying the blush. Do lemme know your views if you've used this product...ohhh bdw I picked up this neckpiece last week, just simply loved the delicate lady in the middle.....yawnnnn that's it ....IiiiIIII...GTG.....YAwnnnn!!!

Happy Sankrant To You All :D

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