Thursday, 29 November 2012

Cake n Bakery fest at World Trade Centre, Cuff Parade,Mumbai

Hiya Friends,
Am in Mumbai at the moment for an annual Cake and Bake fest in WTC, Mumbai from 28th -30th Nov '12.  This exhibition is mainly for industrial bakers and includes a variety of industrial raw material, manufacturing equipment's and packaging machines. I also happened to witness the chocolate competition yesterday which I cam  sum up as simply phenomenal.Pardon me coz of the low resolution images since they are taken from a cellphone. 

It was an absolute stunning work of art made of out chocolate....chocolate n more chocolate....white, dark, milk....all of it :)

An array of mouthwatering cakes displayed, Me n my aunt love to bake n absolute-flipping-loutely love to eat cakes, we kept oohhhhhinh n aaaahhiiing like kids at every stall displayed n use to keep sking...."Is This For Sale???" at ever stall n use to make a disappointed face when they'd answer "NO!" :(  Just imagine with all the super tempting edible stuff on display n u can't eat ni one ..... phewwwwww how frustrating is that....I just waned to grab a bite of that sinful chocolate mud pie...ummmmm ahem ahem.... finally after salivating for 2 hrs the only thing I got was a hot coffee n a grilled sandwitch :P

Although there were a few things for sale like bakery pans, knives, spatulas, molds etc n I've brought quite a few things :D can't wait to get back home in Pune n Bake :)


For those who can make it today, don't miss the opportunity to witness this fab display of tempting teats, also if you're in this industry of simply a home baker u'll get lotsa usefull contacts of various suppliers n manufacturers of baking materials, trays, cake n chocolate decoration, packaging boxes n the likes.

It is open till 7 pm, ample parking space available :) gud enuff reason for you to go Mumbaikars :) rush!

Have a Sweet Day.

Love Always
Priya :D

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Chinique Moisture Surge

Hiya Friends,
Winter is here, I love winters since I can get out those sexy overcoats n jackets, smart polo necks n lotsa other colourful woolens :D but it also gets along dry skin, chapped lips n cracked heels. With the change in climate my skin was behaving in a very funny manner n was getting quite itchy and dry in patches on my combination skin. Now the worst part of having a combination plus sensitive skin is I can't use the same product all over my face, my tzone turns oily if I use a heavy moisturizer while the rest of my skin turns dry n itchy if I use a lighter one :P This is not a major prob in other seasons but in winters, especially winters in Pune, they're a lil extreme n am n outdoor kinda gal. I was going through some products in Clinique store n was introduced to this product by Jonny, a very helpful SA in clinique store. Chinique Moisture Surge, the name itself made me wanna check out product, the price was a lil steep for over 2200 Rs. so I decided to take a wise call. I swatched it on my hand and went around hopping n shopping in the mall for over n hour, on touch my skin felt a lil hydrated so decided to take the plunge.

Like the packaging  nice n sleek, comes in a jar. It's a very light, non-oily pinkish gel with a lovely smooth texture. As recommended by Jonny, I stored this jar in the fridge and after a tiring day used it as a night cream before going to bed all over my face. The instant it touched my skin I felt a boost of freshness n it felt really good on the skin, the way ur skin feels after a burn when u run it under cool water.....that's exactly how it felt.

The next day I woke up n rushed to the mirror but was truly disappointed coz my skin looked dry, I felt like a fool to have spend that amount regardless I continued to use it for next 3 days n didn't bother to notice the difference. After a week my best friend while I was arguing juts happened to pull my cheek n was like " Wow! ur skin is sooo soft, what have you been using?" that's when it hit upon me that Chinique Moisture Surge had actually worked Hurrayyyyyy!!!!!!!!

I went to bed that night n next day I did feel the difference :) I've been using it over a month now and the picks are taken today, even after using it for that long I still have more than half the quantity of product left.

Will I recommend this, a definite YES! I know it is a lil pricey but it is really an entire beauty treatment in one single jar. Did not cause any breakouts on my super sensitive skin and best part, it is fragrance free.

It can be used over n under makeup (I've never used it over makeup though) or as a mask when you need to quickly hydrate your skin before an event. This is a gem of a product, do ask for a lil sample of this product in your Clinique store and only if u're satisfied go ahead n splurge. Also do not expect to see results overnight it will take a few days till u can't stop touching your skin like Me :D

Lemme know bout your own hydra treatment this winter.

Lodes of Love
Priya :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Trends : Match Your Sneakers wid ur Tees

Gudmorning Folks :)
At times my frinends wonder how the hell I manage to match my Sneakers wid my Tees n when realization hits upon 'em we have a hearty laugh .... would like to share it wid You all just so I can see you smile next time you do it yourself :)

I love colours, vibrant, youthful and full of positivity. They make me feel alive n energize me.....Just take a pair of regular sneakers, preferably any dark colour coz then all thsese vibrant colours will stand out. 

I take a pair of sneakers and just change it's laces wid the one that matched wid the tee I plan to wear ;) You get these laces for 15-20 bucks on the streets, u don't have to go to an expensive shoe store n don't forget to  bargain :D

Pair'em up wid ur tee, if you have ankle length sneakers wear a Capri or just fold the length of ur jeans ;)

Hope you liked the tiny tip, grab that tee, get out those sneakers n step out in the sun, a lovely day awaits you.....have a blast!

Love Always
Priya :) 

Storing Your Products

Hiya Friends,
This is quicky, I happened to visit a friend yesterday. She showed me her latest haul to take my suggestions on the same n while she was picking up products kept on he dresser and bathroom it hit upon me the way they were stored. Her dresser was being hit by direct sunlight where her foundation, moisturizer, sunscreen, nightcream and 2 lippies n gloss were kept. This is a complete NO NO! Plz make sure that all ur products are stored away from sunlight at all times, as the day advances the direction of sun changes so make sure if your dresser is located in the path of sunrays DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT keep your products there. The heat causes the chemicals in the products to react that can have damaging effects on your skin.

Also do not store products in bathroom since it's humid in there due to the heat and moisture. There is reason why all ur cosmetic products say "Store in a cool n dry place" :).....

If your product have passed the expiry date, DO NOT use them even if they look ok, just dispose them. Yes, this goes for your most expensive products that you've carefully stored away to be used some day....sometime....throw it!. :) and lastly don't hate me for making you throw away your precious stuff, nothing is more valuable than your natural beauty, don't compromise with it in any way :)

Have Fab Day, Stay Healthy.

Love Always't 
Priya :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Cleansing, the most important step in skincare

Hiya Fellas,
I wokeup wid a jolt today coz I did the most terrible mistake, I was dead tired n a bit unwell yesterday night n thought of grabbing a 10 min nap n that's when disaster struck, I dozed off till 5 in the morning wid my makeup on! Can u believe that, for those who love makeup must have flinched coz they know it's a ground rule to remove all traces of makeup before going to bed so ur skin can breathe. I feel awful since my under-eye area was very dry in the morning while rest of the face was oily. I could also see the open pores after cleansing, further adding to my misery :(

Niways the reason to write this post is for all those who at times give in to the temptation to hit the pillow/ couch before cleansing your skin. STOP! let this word scream in ur head before you do the act :) i mean it lovelies.

Cleansing is a process to wipe away dirt, dust, grime, oil and makeup with a good cleanser. Cleansers are of various types, the ones used to simply deep clean your face have different formulation when compared to ones used to remove makeup. I have been asked time and again to share my beauty regime and today will be sharing my cleansing regime wid you.

Makeup removers used to remove eye makeup, especially waterproof and long stay makeup have to be efficient yet gentle since skin around the eyes is very sensitive and any damage can result in dryness, crows feet and sagging of skin around the eyes. I have a combination skin that's highly sensitive and so prefer very gently makeup removers. I use OmVed's Moisturizing Face Cleanse along wid face wipes, Johnson baby or Kara, kara being a lil harsh n stingy for me.
Mrp Rs.640/- for 200ml

At times when skin feels lil more oily than usual I use Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Makeup Remover.

Mrp 515/- for 250ml

 Scrubbing/ exfoliation also is a part of your cleansing regime. Exfoliation washes away dead cells and increases the blood circulation of the skin. The are many scrubs available in the market, I personally will not recommend you to use walnut scrub since the particles are very rough and while scrubbing mite scar or damage your skin.

Do not expect any scrubs or pore minimisers to wipe away your blackheads or whiteheads formed over time in one or two washes. It takes time buddy, so be patient. A gentle scrub dose not mean it’s less effective, having a red skin after scrubbing dose not men your scrub is working, it simply means your damaging your skin further. Pick a gentle scrub that suits your skin type. I use Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash.

Mrp Rs.620 for 100ml 

Eyes are the most precious jewels and also the most important tool in non-verbal communication. Many romantic compositions are written keeping 'em in mind n in the world of makeup, well we all know how important is eye makeup. We spend thousands to get that mesmerizing look but having said that the most important part of a cleansing regime is cleaning the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very delicate and requires delicate cleansing, eye care dose not end with just removing traces of ur eye makeup, here's what I do...
Wash your eye area with a antiseptic soap, it  will remove any bacterial infection that will be present dude to dirt and pollution and excessive use of various cosmetics multiple times like brushes, concealers, shadows,  liners, mascaras, false lashes etc. I use Life Buoy Clini Care Soap.

Mrp Rs.27/- for 75gms

Pollution causes clogging of poores in your lashes that secrete natural oil that lubricates your eyes, it can further lead to eye eye infections.After makeup removal I wash my eyes wid a saline wash and eye glass, then I dab an earbud near my lower and upper lashe openings and wipe away ni last traces of makeup or oil from my eyes. I then put eye drops.

Mrp 20-25/- Rs.

Cleansing for me in just not an external process so everyday I take one of the two concoctions known as Kadha, something that am sure u all can relate to, yups that's the same thing that our moms or grand-moms use to make for us when we'd catch cold as kids :)

I take Mahamanjistadhi Kadha for health of my Skin, Priced at Rs.94 for 475ml.

Also I take Gokhru Kadha for cleansing and prevention of any urinary infection. Priced at Rs.100 for 475ml.

Apart from that I believe in workouts so even  if I don't get time to do any serious exercise I make it a point to atleast do any activity for minimum 15mins in a day that will accelerate my heart rate, it can be washing my car, dancing to a bollywood track, wiping my entire house or just jumping up n down :P yups no kidding I do that too :)

Hope this article was helpful, if you need further info bout any of the products mentioned above kindly email me or leave a comment.

Have a fab day, stay healthy n positive.

Love Always
Priya :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water

Yello Fellas :)
The way to kickstart my day on a lovely note is a nutritious breakfast after a heavy duty workout :) so I just cooked-up an Upma, Indian version of semolina with veggies like carrot, peas, sweet corn, tomatoes & onion.

Hmmm so after such a awesome breakfast it's time for the review of Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water...the name miracle water is apt for the product since it's consistency transforms from a creamy consistency to a liquid one once let out of the bottle.

It is a leave on treatment and I use it after a hair-wash while blow drying my hair and love the way it makes my hair feel, non-greasy, shiny and very manageable. It also has a very strong perfume but after a while it fades n makes you love your hair, smelling fresh n shiny :)

It was turning into liquid, was a task to click before it transformed completely :P

It claims to beat humidity and dryness, yes it dose beat humidity but when it comes to beating dryness it dose a gud job the day you use it only, the next day the hair feel a lil dry, still I love using it since it dose not make my hair feel sticky or scalp itchy after usage.

Phewwwwww trying to capture that shine on camera was such a task :P really!

2 Pumps were enough to cover the entire length of my hair so rest assured the product is gonna last for a decent time.

Priced at Rs.159 is worth the outlay.

Have a fab day!

Love Always
Priya :)

Monday, 19 November 2012

Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara

Hiya Folks,
Will be sharing wid you my all time favorite mascara by Clinique, it's the Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara in 01, Black. This is my inseparable companion in all seasons, all ocassions, especially during monsoons since it's waterproof, stay on till you wipe it off wid warm water n a cleanser n impacts a super black colour to the lashes.

Since it's a curling mascara I don't need to bother everytime bout using a curler, also on applying 2-3 quick coats it imparts a noticeable volume  to the lashes.

Dose not cause any sort of itching or irritation, Priced at Rs. 1475/- is a gud buy, yes a lil pricey but since it's Clinique you can take the plunge n when it comes to the most precious jewels, your eyes, why not go for the best, right? :)

I personally love it to the core, do check it out in ur nearest Clinique store, yes one tends to get confused when you see the array of mascara's Clinique has to offer but spend 5 mins wid you eyes before you go to the store, see if you have sparse lashes then buy a Volumizing one, for length buy the High Lenght Mascara n like me if you just wanna flutter your lashes buy the High Impact Curling Mascara :)

Do lemme know ur pick n ur favorite mascara brand and type, am sure me n all the readers would love to know.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Cameleon Silvershine Lipglass,CL-67

Hiyeeeeeee Folks,
Why am I in high spritzzzz :) coz am chowing down mom's besan ladoo, warmed it up in the microwave n it's simply divine....ahem ahem ok now coming back to my review :) it's bout a simple lipglass C10 in the brand Cameleon, what makes it unique is the colour.....It's a colour that is a must have....take my word for this is a mauvish pink colour that goes wid any outfit, Indian, western, formals, casuals ...abso-flipping-loutely  any kinda outfit n also will suit most of the skin tones. Further more although it's a gloss it is highly pigmented so can be worn alone, without a base even if you have pigmented lips.

It is a bit sticky but not ikky :) and can never go wrong whatever time of the day, it's a rare colour n since it's not from a top end brand it is rare to find, but if u do happen to get it don't give a second thought before you splurge.

Priced at Rs.110 is a super buy n NO, it dose not cause any itching or pigmentation of lips. 

Staying power 1-2hrs but that's fine wid me since it makes me love my lips as long as it stays :) 
Lemme know if you have any must have glosses that I can add to my kitty :) have a fab day.

Love Always
Priya :)

Lakme ABSOLUTE Mattreal Mousse

Hiya Fellas,
Today will be reviewing a product I've been meaning to review for quite some time now. It's a product that's hard to miss when Kareena Kapoors says "Makeup joh na lage Madeup" and true to it's word it is a lovely product that is very light n glides, blends effortlessly on the skin. Having said that lemme share my views bout this product.
Pakaging : Love it, it comes in a signature black outer carton of Absolute range n the mousse comes in an adorable round container that makes it look like it's a gadget straight out of a si-fi movie ;)

Cute Na :)

Like it's name it comes in a light mousse form and is available in 3 shades
(01) Ivory Fair
(03 )Golden Medium
(05) Beige Honey

My pick was Ivory Fair with SPF 8. It dose not provide any coverage but lightens up the skin tone and imparts an even finish to the skin. If you have blemishes that you will need a concealer to go wid it for a flawless look.

I woke up early morning for photography n am never in mood to apply makeup in the wee morning hrs but this mousse is so light n so very easy to blend that I was feeling fresh n natural after applying it.

Being a weekend I was in a chilled out mode n reviewing the product wid a steaming cuppa of ginger tea in the morning chill like always was a pleasurable experience n the way my skin felt, natural n fresh after applying this mousse added to my sheer joy of reviewing it......

Pardon me for the chip chip look, had generously oiled my hair, weekend hai na :P

I have a oily skin still since it's winter I require a moisturizer, it dose not get cakey but if blended on a moisturized skin looks very natural..... what do ya think? :)

This product has been in the market for quite sometime now but still felt the need to review it since it is a good product and worth the outlay of Rs.599/- 

Have a lovely eve

Love Always
Priya :D

Friday, 16 November 2012

Lakme Absolute Range

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Fellas :D
Lakme ABSOLUTE is a high-performance long wear premium makeup range for women with a very busy lifestyle who have no time for touch-ups The product claims to last upto 16 hrs. Kareena Kapoor being their brand ambassador this particular range has been the talk of tinsel town

They've come up with wide array of products n I've picked 3 of 'em.

1.ABSOLUTE Matte Lipstick

2.ABSOLUTE Plump & Shine Lipgloss

3.ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush

1.ABSOLUTE Matte Lipstick: 207 Peach Carnation

This is a matte lipstick and is a peachy pink shade, more pink than peach. Enriched with vit E and wheat germ oil. Although it is a matte lipstick it dose not dry out da lips n has a nice creamy texture. You don't need a lip balm or gloss to club wid it at the onset but wid time it dose seem to dry out a bit.With winters and dry lips matte lippies are not da best buy. Nice colour but not a must have. Staying power is around 2-3hrs max on my lips so it dose not live upto the expectation of a long stay lippie that ABSOLUTE range claims to deliver.

Prcied at INR 375/- I won't recommend you to go for it. 

2.ABSOLUTE Plump & Shine 6hr 3D gloss: Beige Shine 

This is lovely peachy pink colour with tiny shimmer particles. Not 'et all sticky and gives a lovely plumpy and kissable look to the lips. Since it's a very light shade will go well on all lippies as a top coat. Not to be used alone if you have pigmented lips but this is a gr8 addition to my stash n I absolutely love it. Staying power is not 6hrs as per the claim but yeah it dose stay put for a good 3hrs and that's quite a decent time when it comes to glosses. Glides on beautifully on da lips and dose not get runny after a while.

Priced at INR 375/- for 3ml. YES, do go for it, also will suggest you to try out it's counter parts.

3. ABSOLUTE Cheek Chromatic Baked Blush : Night Sparkle 

Highly pigmented pink blush with finely milled micro shimmer particles. Highlights the cheeks and imparts a nice and healthy glow to 'em. Is enriched with Jojoba oil and vit E. It can be applied dry for a flushed look or wet for more intense colour. Staying power 4-5hrs when applied dry before it fades gradually.

Priced at INR 550/- for 4gms, I find it worth the outlay. YES will recommend it if you love pink blushes with a bit of micro shimmer, also do check out 3 other colours in the same range.


And fellas that's me with ABSOLUTE lippie, lipgloss and blush

TC Amigos ..... have a fab eve.

Love Always
Priyanka :)