Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Lacto Calamine RENUE, Anti Aging Cream

Hiya Fellas,
I've been meaning to review this product since the 1st time I used it but I waned to wait and be sure of the implication of this products before I wrote bout it, I've been using this product for the last 20 days daily and feel it's a good time to review it.

Lacto Calamine is a trusted brand. It's the brand we've all grown up using, most of us in your teens use to use Lacto Calamine instead of foundation, we would use it for itches, acne, rashes n even on chicken pox marks, I've used it when I got chicken pox n I never got a single mark on my face or body, so for me it was a brand name I trust.
I came across an advertise of this product n asked a nearby medical store to get it for me. I waned to give it to my Mom who's a former Mrs. Pune for the new year but by the time this arrived I had already gifted her wid a Lush n Bodyshop creams that she was happy with so this was left wid me to experiment.

I have a young skin n to top it it's oily so I don't have any problems of wrinkles none da less I decided to try this product for my sunburned skin. I have a very sensitive skin n thus it is quick to tan n at times burn despite the heaviest of sun block. Due to my outdoor games n shopping sprees my skin had got pigmented n also I could visibly see the colour difference on the skin of my forehead n cheeks n thus tried this on my skin

The 1st night I tried it on my hands where there was visible tanning n tested it on the skin behind my ear for sensitivity. The next day I could feel the change in my hands while applying a nail lacquer also it had passed the sensitivity test. I then used it on my face except under eye area n the night after on under eyes as well. I honestly have seen the change in my skin tone. The tan is visibly reduced n it also did not give me any stretchy feeling under the eye area. It felt thick n oily on application so was worried bout break out on my oily skin but when the morning came it had been absorbed in my skin n no breakouts, no oil.

The pore size has visibly reduced and I don't need a heavy hand on concealer for my under eye area as well as pigmentation. My skin feels smooth n baby soft to touch. 

It comes in a glass jar with a screw on top, 3 RENEW Proof Strips are also enclosed in the box, these strips can be used to check the effect of this product on the wrinkles at the onset, after 4 weeks n after 8 weeks of usage respectively. Since I don't have any wrinkle prob as of now I haven't used 'em but it's a good way to understand if this product is really working for you.

The Contents 

It dose not have a very pleasant odor n due to it's oily texture I don't use it in the day time instead use it only at night. It has a thick peaky consistency. 

It claims to tighten skin, reduce wrinkles n fine lines, improves skin elasticity, moisturises skin, and reduces pigmentation. 

Priced at INR 799/- for 50gms of a good product from a reliable brand is a good buy. Yes! I personally will recommend this product especially for those who have a dull skin, pigmentation n beginning of wrinkles n lines. If you've tried this product do lemme know your views bout it.

Have a fab day!

Lotsa Love
Priya :)


  1. Wow! This is amazing. I have tried many products but there is nothing as promising as this one. I'll do more research about this product but I am already very excited to try it. :)

  2. Thanx Rachel, yes it indeed is a lovely product n I've seen my unwanted tan visibly reduced, do try it out, TC

  3. yesss.. i m using it from last 20 days as a night cream ..v gud product skin showing improvement in many ways..less dark spots, visibly one tone thumps up to dis product!!!!!!!!

  4. hiii , nice review..n totally agree wid u :).. m using it from last 20 days as a night cream. n very satisfied with d way my skin is showing improvement..less dark spot, visibly one tone fairer..


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