Monday, 21 January 2013

Shopping in Mumbai ;)

Hiya People,
The shopaholic is back wid a huge haul ;D I came to Mumbai yesterday for a much needed break n what an awesome start to my week. I was planning to strictly buy essentials at the same time wondering what exactly I mean by essentials ;) wicked me..

Beauty Centre Haul :):):):):):):):)


I Bought..

  • 2 Dove Body Lotions 
  • 1 Shampoo + Conditioner by Tresemme 
  • 2 Nivea Lip Balms (Hydrocare n Essential Care)
  • 2 Bonjour Lippys
  • 1 NYX Primer
  • 1Ben Nye Makeup Fixing Spray
  • 1 Ben Nye Cream Foundation cum concealer
  • 1 Ben Nye Translucent Powder in Fair
  • 1 Nivea Rollon
  • 1 Nivea Skin Refining Scrub
  • 1 Nivea After Shave Balm, WHATT!!!!! It's for Dad
  • Garnier Pure Soap Free Scrub
  • 1 Neutrogena Sun Block with spf 50
  • 2 Nail Paints, I got one due to the sheer size of the bottle, it's so tiny it will surely make u smile :)
  • 2 Packets of cotton balls
  • Mars & Snicker for my family n me, I needed the extra sugar to stop me from fainting after seeing the total of the whole bunch of bills :P

Super tiny, super cute for my lil sis :)

Wallets + Bag that my Aunt picked

I liked this the wallet most :).... cute colour of coupboards at my Aunts Place

A Simply gorgeous bag, Grey + Peach, fab it :)

A pretty cotton floral tunic in white with 3/4th sleeves 

Jewellery for Friends, Mom n Aunts

Flats from Linking Road, flee market shopping :)

But the highlight of the day was I visited the place called yankie doodle near YOKO on SV road near Santacruz, As a kid I use to eat a Ice-cream n cake roll called chic choc, that used to be served wid chocolate sauce n topped wid roasted cashews, I've come to Mumbai many times but unfortunately even after visiting this place on every visit I never was able to eat my all time favorite childhood delight since it was unavailable every time but today I tried again n YIPEEEEEEEE got it :D:D:D:D:D I was smiling from ear to ear...I called up my Dad, Mom n Grandpa just to tell 'em see I got it... man I was so emotional, I was a kid again...

My aunt saw me all engrossed in eating this that she patted my head n said ...u're still a kid :D...when it comes to chic choc...yeah I really am n will remain the same till eternity, a happy kid...yipeeeee :)

Hope u people njoyed the visual treat, will be back wid nother haul, reviews n lotsa fun moments... till then u fellas tc, happy shopping n don't forget to carry your most essential beauty treatment with you...YOUR SMILE ;) Love u all, gudnite.

Your Crazyyyyy
Priya :D 

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