Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Broke My Resolution...Shopped Again :( My Tiny Haul :)

Hiya People,
No Shopping For 1 month was one of my resolution but alas, I gave in to the temptation and did shop..SOWEEEEE :( will try again in feb, the plus point is will have to hold on to my resolution for 28 days instead of 30, trust me that's tough as all you readers are soooo sweet am sure ya all lovely people will forgive me for shopping and will njoy reading bout my haul....awwww you guys r the best :D

So I came across these long wallets cum clutches and I loved 'em, to my luck there were available  7 vibrant colours + 1 in classic black. I was trying so damn hard to pick just one from those so tempting colours but my best friend who's a sweetheart said buy 3, u can pay for the one and other two you can consider as a gift from me for the new year... Now selecting 1 was not much of a prob compared to selecting 3 :P finally I picked these 3 colours from the lovely lot, A bright Red, A Vibrant Yellow and a Soft Baby Pink :)

Other than these there was a Deep Blue, A fresh Parrot Green, A Mischievous Purple and A Beautiful Peach :( I was happy after the splurge and the gift but as I was quitely waiting at the foodcourt counter to place my order, seeing me out of character (chatter box) my best buddy looked at me and said u're sure u don't want the Blue and Purple?? Hope they don't come in ur dream :P a true best friend can always read ur thoughts :P

I came home and instantly paired 'em all up wid my Kurtis, tees and dresses and they look so fab, really :) these definitely are a head turner and I've received lotsa compliments from friends. I usually flaunt 'em when am out for a quick bite wid friends. These wallets are available in most of the stores or even in flee markets, the key is to pick a vibrant colour and a quality make ;) what I mean by quality make...the key is to make sure your buy looks more expensive than what u've actually shelled out from your pocket consider colour, pattern, design, usage, stitching and material :) pair it up wid your outfit according to the season n occasion, top it with a confident n killer smile and trust me u'll give those babes clad in designer outfits with branded clutches a run for their money ;)

As a crazy shopaholic with neither any inherited fortune nor a huge stash of unaccounted money under my mattress, I have to be sure I don't end up getting broke :P so I do lotsa pocket friendly shopping too like these 5pairs of adorable earrings or rather hoops...what I like bout 'em is that they are tiny ones, not the huge hoops so I can wear 'em daily... ok ok am not trying to coverup or give excuses for adding to my pile of over 100 different hoops :P

Hope U liked 'em.Do lemme know your latest pocket friendly hauls :) Take care and have a Fab Eve, ciao!

Your crazy shopaholic buddy
Priya :)

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