Wednesday, 16 January 2013

For Under-eye Dryness, Bodyshop Vit E Eye Cream

 Hiya People,
How ya all doing? This is one more product I shopped this month but I will place it under the list of "Most Essentials" and this definitely was not an impulse buy. I have a combination skin so I stray away from heavy moisturizers but this year the climate has changed drastically and my super oily skin has become dry in patches. The thing that got me really worried was the dryness that I was facing under and around my eyes. Due to regular use of concealer, liner, mascara and kohl and then again the task of getting rid of this makeup my skin around the eyes had become quite dry and sensitive at the same time. When I would apply a concealer (MAC) I could see the fine lines become more prominent after a few minutes. That's when I went out hunting for a good eye cream with vit E and landed with this.

Bodyshop Vit E Eye Cream

This is gem of a product and the results were visible the very next day. I applied it under my eyes with my ring finger and left it overnight, the next day I could see the dryness visibly reduce and so did the annoying lines. I'm using it for last 14 days, 2 times a day and am extremely happy with the results.

It comes in a tiny travel size tube with a pointed dispenser, very little quantity is required, gets absorbed instantly and dose not feel oily or sticky, neither dose it make me feel like I've applied a heavy cream on my most delicate eye area. When I wake up in the morning I do not get a puffy or stretchy feeling which I experience after using other eye creams or gels. 

Although it's an Eye cream it's texture is very smooth similar to a gel, very mild fragrance.
Priced at Rs.895/- for 15ml may sound a bit expensive but this is one product every gal who is above 25 yrs must have in her skincare kit. My reason for saying this is the strong conviction I have in this product, it is very mild yet highly effective.
The product claims to reduce puffiness, fine lines and dark circles, I personally had purchased this product to get rid of the dryness which in turn has reduced the fine lines so with that in mind this has fulfilled my requirement of an eye cream. Do not expect a drastic change in under eye dark circles but u'll witness a healthy change in the skin around your eyes.

Do lemme know your views bout this product also if you feel otherwise please feel free to share your experience, Gudnite n Sleep tight

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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