Friday, 28 December 2012

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde

Hiya Friends,
A very gudevening to ya all, hope you all had an awesome day.. I had a lovely eve as well, a quick post on MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Blonde. At this point this is one of my most fav Blush/ Illuminator/Highlighter. I would prefer to call it a face highlighter coz unlike a blush which adds a flush of colour this mineralized skinfinish imparts a very natural looking glow to the face on our Indian medium skin tones, for those who have a very fair complexion it will add a tinch of rosy colour.

It comes in MAC's signature packaging in black and has four very subtle shades of pink in the same pan.

The best way I can describe the colours are that there are 4 different gradation of a baby pink colour. It's not feasible to apply the colors individually but on blending them all and applying it by a blush brush it gives a finish you will simply love.

The fine particles give a very natural looking glow that is sure to make you smile :) You can also use individual colors as eyeshadows with the help of a shadow brush, don't forget to use a primer if you plan to use it as a shadow..

You can also add it on top of a blush to give that dewy look to the face, in the pic below I've applied it on the chin n nose to add a pink glow to my overall face. The makeup is kept very natural with just a peach lipstick.

Personally I feel it's a product that can be used in multiple ways, top it over a blush, use as a shadow also you can use it over darker eye-shadows to brighten up the eyes n of-course you can use it alone, It suits most Indian skin tones perfectly. 

If you've used this product do share your views bout the same, priced at INR 1650/- for 9g will last me a long time and is worth the outlay...with nother 4days for the new year hope you all have got ur wishlist ready :) mine somehow doesn't seem to end :P....chalo time to get into my warm n inviting blanket n dream bout my next buy he he....gudnite n sweet dreamzzzz...zzzzzz

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Nars Night Series Eye-shadow

Visual Treat for NARS eye-shadow lovers :) njoy the festivity, the winter chill and Nars Night Series Eye-shadow

Lumionous, light-reflecting shades for shading, highlighting, and lining eyes. Highly pigmented, longwearing, crease resistant colors that can be applied sheer or layered for more dramatic effects. Color glides on smoothly, evenly and blends effortlessly.
·         True color application
·         Can be applied dry or with a dampened brush for stronger intensity.
·         Multi-funtion use for shading, highlighting and lining the eyes
·         Sophisticated, lumious shades

Night Series Eye-shadow @ $24.00

Available in 9 Shades :)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Gimme RED, Revlon Lip Butter in Cherry Tart

Hey Friends,
I've been meaning to review this beauty since long, it's the much talked bout Revlon Butter in Cherry Tart.

It's a lovely cherry red lip balm that claims to give soft, smooth and hydrated lips n yes it dose live up to this claim

It contains a combination of Mango, Shea and Coconut butter to naturally soothe the lips while adding a touch of colour. Available in 15 shades although I was able to find only 7-9 shades in all the malls, the only place I got 13 shades was SGS Mall Westside on MG Road, Camp

Shades: RED's - Red Velvet (BrownishRed), Cherry Tart, Candy Apple (Bright Red), Tutti Frutti (Orangey)
other than that there are ...

  • Rasberry Pie & Berry Smoothie ( Berry shades )
  • Sugar Plum(lovely mauvish shade)
  • Cotton Candy, Strawberry Shortcake & Sweet Tart (Pink's)
  • Peach Parfait
  • Pink Truffle ( Again a lovely lite pinkish brown)
  • Lollipop
  • Brown Sugar, Fig Jam (Brown's)

Cherry Tart, 070

These beauties provide medium coverage with high shine, come in a cute packaging  priced at Rs.600/- I do feel they're a bit pricey with staying power for 2-3hrs. Overall not a must have product but even if you buy a shade you liked, you wont regret it. Just make sure you check these shades in natural light before splurging.

TC n have a Merry Christmas :)

Priya :)

Monday, 24 December 2012

Gimme RED, Colorbar Nail Enamel in No.31

Hiya Folks.
Wish you all a Merrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Christmas :):):):):):):)

With RED colour in vogue my eyes have got accustomed to spotting this vibrant colour in almost every retail product....I picked up a nail enamel in a lovely berry red from Colorbar n here's a quick review.

Priced at Rs.150/- is a good buy with staying power for 2 days after which it begins to chip away. It is a gorgeous glossy shade with very fine glitter particles also you can add a top coat of transparent nail polish with glitter particles that will stand out beautifully against this lovely colour, these was a nice post on colorbar glitter nailpaints by a fellow blogger which you can check out HERE.

Rest all gud, do try this colour if you visit a colorbar counter :) Njoy this festive season to it's fullest :) Have a Blast, TC.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

My tiny pocket friendly haul :)

Hiya Friends,
The regular readers by now know I love wearing hoops, post on Hula Hoopsss yesterday was out having a blast wid frnds n shopped for hoops and as promised sharing my pocket friend haul wid you all

All time classic colours, Black, White n Red :)

They mite look a lil big but r very light in weight.......loving 'em :)

This is how they look on me

Also bought these bright pink one's

 Am sorry my cam wasen't able to capture the exact colour of this beauty but they r golden diamond studded hoops

although they r gold in colour don't look loud....c for urself ;)

Also bought this weird looking bug clip....ok ok butterfly in Gimme RED ;) it looked so pretty that just couldn't stop myself from buying it.... what do ya think?

So which one of the above haul you liked, did you shop any pocket friendly items in last few days, if yes do share ur haul :) TC n gudnite.

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

Sunday, 23 December 2012


Hiya Folks,
How u all doing? My weekend was a blast since met my school buddies after many years :) hmmm quick review on MAC, UP THE AMP Lippy. If you've read one of my last weeks post (ohhh happy day) then u already know I got this lippy abso-flipping-loutely free due to MAC's recycle policy.
It's a lovely Mauve with blue undertones, it dose tend to wash me out though but still am liking it, looks lovely on white floral dresses n  formals as well. Texture is super smooth n dose not dry out my lips, gloss not required, staying power 2-3hrs before it fades leaving behind a lovely pinkish stain on my lips.

Will not suit all skin tones, will look prettier if you apply a lil darker blush n eye-shadow ...the best look I can thin of is a pretty floral dress, pink blush with a lil shimmer n pinkish brown eye-shadow + black liner, white strappy heels n a white printed duffel bag/ floral cloth bag...hmmmm sumthing missing.....yups that innocently naughty smile ;) he he...errrr n don't forget those hoops, silver or white.....

This is how it looks on me

...YAWNNNNNN! sleepy due to all day hyperactivity n excitement off catching up wid friends also did a bit of pocket friendly shopping, will share wid u to bed....yawwwwwwwnnn time to crash.....gudnite n sweet drms

Priya :) (sleepy smile)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Gimme RED: Revlon Nail Enamel in 314,Tuscan Sun

Hiya Folks,
How you all doing?? Am a lil under the weather so have put on a peppy number "Jiya Jiya rey Jiya from Jab Tak Hai Jaan"  music n dance are always the best remedy for me ;)...So a quick review bout @Revlon Nail Enamel in 314,Tuscan Sun

It's a lovely brick red colour, matt finish , stays for 2 days on my nails before chipping, not a very bright colour so can be used for daily wear as well, esp with that warm jacket, lined eyes, nude lips n killer smile ;)

Priced at Rs.140/-

My verdict, nice! do check it out if you can....take care n have a fab day while I make nother pot of ginger tea... yeah u heard me right pot n not cup ;) ciao

Priya :)

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gimme RED: My Love, HP mini 210

Hiya Friends,
How ya all doing, when it comes to speaking of RED how can I leave behind my most reliable friend +HP Mini 210-3050NR Netbook (Red) .
It's been my everyday companion for over 6mths now n I love it. I never believed in the theory love at first sight untill I saw my HP mini 210 in RED, I was going from shop to shop in search of a compact net book so I didn't have to carry around my heave laptop, you know it's quite a task when u have to shop n blog about what you shopped ;) to top it if I carry my Nikon Camera along then it looks as though I'm bout to go for a trek coz of my bulky backpack, so that's why all the fuss bout the net book...I chanced upon seeing this red beauty n it was LOVE... In my case the word Love + RED materialized in reality. I buy any gadget after all the RnD but in Mini's case I just did not consider how much am paying n for what, I just bought it, how can you attach a price tag with LOVE :)

Basic Configuration:

  • 10 inch screen, really mini :)
  • Atom Processor @ 1.86 GHz (N2800)
  • 2GB Ram
  • Windows7 Home Premium

Now the pain of falling in love widout knowing someone, the net book is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow n it went berserk when I plugged in my USB MBlaze for internet, it also dose not have a CD drive which is common in net books.... so it took me nother 15 days to make it workable, change my anti-virus company n then this baby worked. I still don't find it fast to my liking but yes it is one thing that makes my life easier when I wana blog sitting in a mall or cafe or simply write my book.

Battery backup of over 8 hours which I feel is a very good time when u're on the go.

I purchased it from a HP store for INR 20,500 but had to spend an additional 2K for all the renovation I did :P

Available in 4 colours, RED, Blue, Black n Grey

Now keeping the love part aside my actual verdict for HP Mini210 is if u’re the one who wants it to upload, down load n use really bulky software's don’t go for this one, also it being slow u’ll have to invest 2-3K to install few software's n getting the utilities can be quite a pain…if what am saying sounds Greek to you simply do not go in for this, it is a pain but if you know what am saying u already know what you need to do to get it working.
Bout the looks, what can I say, it’s the best in looks in it’s class of Net Books, very stylish, trendy n sleek.

It's very handy n due to it's size I can carry it around in my purse wid ease, also the lovely RED colour is a head turner n most of my friends have gone gaga over it, I guess looks do matter hun :D

Small n sleek enuff to fit in my purse

Don't bother, people do crazy things when they're in LOVE n  that's me still in Love wid my RED Hp

Ha ha, have fun people, take care n smile away....:):):):)

Priya :)

P.S. This is an expensive gadget so all the above views are based on my experience with this product, for more technical details I request you to visit the nearest HP store and also take along a tech freak who will guide you if you're thinking bout a purchase, Ciao!

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Maxfactor Flipsticks

Maxfactor Flipsticks, Priced at Rs.875/-

Avliable in 8 colours, pricey for two mix match lippys,  claims to stay for 10 hrs.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gimme RED, Coloubar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover

EUREKA!!!!! why am I jumping up n down, coz am really happy coz I experienced MAGIC! How u ask, here goes....:):):):):):) can't stop smiling

....Everytime I wanna get rid of my nailpaint I have to hunt for a ball of cotton + nailpolish remover or my box of nailpolish remover wipes, I chanced to come across this product n bought it widout testing since they didn't have a tester... the main reason behind this was was sheer curiosity....I felt like a child wanning to go home n play wid this new toy :)

Coloubar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover

Now comes the fun part, all u do is just dip your finger in the sponge in this bottle n wait for few seconds n then twist your finger n pull it out, WALLA! the nailpolish is gone :D it's that simple :):):):)

I was wearing a dark red nail polish n this red box removed it instantly without any stains, it wasn't harsh on my fingers n felt really great.

I'm not a nailpaint girl coz I really don't find time to sit n remove it n then again apply a new one but this is an awesome product, very convenient to carry so you can remove that chipped nailpaint even when u're at ur desk in the office or just travelling from point A to B....simple, convenient n it really works.

Now my other question was how will it work on my toe nails, the answer is NO, it's not meant for toe nails since it has a liquid in that bottle that drips if you invert it sideways, so one cannot use it for the toe nails :( but that's ok wid me, I can now remove my nail enamel in a jiffy....even the toughest one comes off clean n yups it dose remove the polish from every corner on ur nail :)

All I can say is...I just LOve LOve Love LOVE it.... priced at Rs.295/- few may find it a bit expensive but trust me it's well worth the outlay n you're so gonna njoy changing ur nailpaints every alternate day ;D

Oh n yeah I personally feel it's not a good idea to use it if you have nail art on like those beeds n sequins coz they'll get caught in that sponge n mite get messy... rest all gud.

Have just got it yesterday n have already changed 2 nail paints :P.... unable to tell you how long one bottle will last since have been just so jumpy n excited to share it with you all that could wait a day longer :P

My take, don't thing just go for it, sahi product hai ;) while you check it out lemme change to my third nail paint for the day that matches wid my outfit....ha ha really having fun with this red magic pot....have a nice day! 

Love n Smiles
Priya :)