Friday, 14 December 2012

Ohhh Happy Day! :D

Hiya Friends,
Yeah u guessed it right I am singing "Ohhhh Happy Day, a Grammy winning hymn written by Sir Edwin Hawkins. So how was ur day folks?? Mine was awesome since I had a blast shopping and chilling our wid my lil sis, Akanksha aka AAKU. We both had a fun time hanging out at the Plaza Mall, Koregaon park.
The very reason I can't stop grinning is coz I visited MAC....just imagine! Ha ha, I know I know am a total nautanki but if u're a MAC lover then am sure u're smiling too hun ;) ... I so badly waned to pick few goodies from their Mineralize Skin Finish range also MAC have a recycle policy in which you can give 6 empty MAC containers like foundation, concealers, blushes, powders etc n get 1 MAC Lippy absolutely free :) yes u heard me right, it's free :) so I also rounded up my empty containers and got a Lippy in the shade "Up The AMP" I waned a lil different shade then my regular pinks n browns n so went in for this gorgeous Mauve shade with blue undertones,.will review it asap, this is how it looks

Also purchased Mineralized Skinfinish Highlighter/ Blush in Blonde......aaahhhhhhh am sooooo sooooo sooooo loving this.... I so wanned to buy it in other shdes as well but alas they were outta stock :( niways lemme just bask in the sheer bliss of owning this beauty,,,

It was lovely sunny day n sitting beside the waterbody in the mall felt really peaceful, soft music, lovely surrounding and MY MAC by my side, what else could I ask for :)

I was soooo restless after the haul that I just waned to open it and swatch it and use it.... u know the feeling right, the feeling to get straight home n get in front of that mirror to try that latest purchase of yours ;) It can be anything...that lovely Purse, that awesome Tunic, those dainty heels, that stylish jacket, that classy black dress.....ahem ahem ok okkkkk u get the was MAC for me today.... I went to the food court n sat there ohhhhing aaaaahhhhing and swatching then and there :P....

The super excited MEEEE :)

And that's my irritated lil sis calling to the gods to save her from the clutches of the evil Shopaholic sis, MEEEE  Ha ha....:P

Ohhh by the way the hint of red around me that I loved....those red chairs looked really cute in the all white surrounding...

And my pick of the day in RED was a Colorbar Lippy from their Take Me As I Am collection.....gosh the names these brands come up wid :P's in a Wine RED that's so apt for me, it's called Mischievous Wine ;)

Hope you fellas Njoyed the Haul, do share your thoughts on my buy as well as on the colour RED....Take Care, be Happy n sing along.......Ohhhh Happy Day!!!!!

Love n Smiles
Priya :)

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