Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hula Hoopssssss

Hiya Friends,
Hope you all are having a gr8 weekend :) there are times when I have to rush for a movie, party, get together wid friends or simply go on a shopping spree, at times like these when I pick my clothes in hurry, apply makeup in a jiffy n trying to rush out that door while trying to wear my heels or sneakers the last thing I wanna hunt for are earrings to match my outfit. I have hoarded quite a few earrings but when it comes to just grab a pair without having to worry bout it matching my outfit, I blindly rely on my most trusted pair of silver hoops.

I love hoops of all sizes and colours but my most trusted ones are the ones in silver, they go on almost every outfit, Indian, western, casual, semi casual....jeans n tee, trousers till the knee, skirts n can wear 'em with all :)

I love to leave my hair loose when I wear hoops, they don't make me look too made up yet impart a feminine side to my overall look that I love.

There are many different types of hoops n I've picked my most fav ones to share wid you.

Big size very thin n sleek silver hoop, goes best with jeans n tees for a casual n girlie look.

Medium size silver hoops, a lil wider than the upper one n looks fab on Skirts n girlie tops in pastel as well as dark shades, it's the 2nd one in the pic below

Medium size, oxidised colour hoops, wide n pair beautifully with dark outfits n tunics n casual tees

Studded hoops, go great with Kurtis, salwar-kameez, evening gowns n knee length dress as well, feminine n very classy

Coloured hoops in two basic colours, black n white, looks lovely wid ni black or white top, tshirt or tunic

I know these r not hoops but they r my all time fav pair of silver earrings, just felt like sharing 'em as well

I keep a pair in my wallet at all times for emergency :) lemme know your ideas n views bout must have earrings in your stash, have a gudnight.

Love Always
Priya :)

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