Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Gimme RED, Coloubar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover

EUREKA!!!!! why am I jumping up n down, coz am really happy coz I experienced MAGIC! How u ask, here goes....:):):):):):) can't stop smiling

....Everytime I wanna get rid of my nailpaint I have to hunt for a ball of cotton + nailpolish remover or my box of nailpolish remover wipes, I chanced to come across this product n bought it widout testing since they didn't have a tester... the main reason behind this was was sheer curiosity....I felt like a child wanning to go home n play wid this new toy :)

Coloubar Ultimate Nail Enamel Remover

Now comes the fun part, all u do is just dip your finger in the sponge in this bottle n wait for few seconds n then twist your finger n pull it out, WALLA! the nailpolish is gone :D it's that simple :):):):)

I was wearing a dark red nail polish n this red box removed it instantly without any stains, it wasn't harsh on my fingers n felt really great.

I'm not a nailpaint girl coz I really don't find time to sit n remove it n then again apply a new one but this is an awesome product, very convenient to carry so you can remove that chipped nailpaint even when u're at ur desk in the office or just travelling from point A to B....simple, convenient n it really works.

Now my other question was how will it work on my toe nails, the answer is NO, it's not meant for toe nails since it has a liquid in that bottle that drips if you invert it sideways, so one cannot use it for the toe nails :( but that's ok wid me, I can now remove my nail enamel in a jiffy....even the toughest one comes off clean n yups it dose remove the polish from every corner on ur nail :)

All I can say is...I just LOve LOve Love LOVE it.... priced at Rs.295/- few may find it a bit expensive but trust me it's well worth the outlay n you're so gonna njoy changing ur nailpaints every alternate day ;D

Oh n yeah I personally feel it's not a good idea to use it if you have nail art on like those beeds n sequins coz they'll get caught in that sponge n mite get messy... rest all gud.

Have just got it yesterday n have already changed 2 nail paints :P.... unable to tell you how long one bottle will last since have been just so jumpy n excited to share it with you all that could wait a day longer :P

My take, don't thing just go for it, sahi product hai ;) while you check it out lemme change to my third nail paint for the day that matches wid my outfit....ha ha really having fun with this red magic pot....have a nice day! 

Love n Smiles
Priya :)

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