Thursday, 20 December 2012

Gimme RED: My Love, HP mini 210

Hiya Friends,
How ya all doing, when it comes to speaking of RED how can I leave behind my most reliable friend +HP Mini 210-3050NR Netbook (Red) .
It's been my everyday companion for over 6mths now n I love it. I never believed in the theory love at first sight untill I saw my HP mini 210 in RED, I was going from shop to shop in search of a compact net book so I didn't have to carry around my heave laptop, you know it's quite a task when u have to shop n blog about what you shopped ;) to top it if I carry my Nikon Camera along then it looks as though I'm bout to go for a trek coz of my bulky backpack, so that's why all the fuss bout the net book...I chanced upon seeing this red beauty n it was LOVE... In my case the word Love + RED materialized in reality. I buy any gadget after all the RnD but in Mini's case I just did not consider how much am paying n for what, I just bought it, how can you attach a price tag with LOVE :)

Basic Configuration:

  • 10 inch screen, really mini :)
  • Atom Processor @ 1.86 GHz (N2800)
  • 2GB Ram
  • Windows7 Home Premium

Now the pain of falling in love widout knowing someone, the net book is verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow n it went berserk when I plugged in my USB MBlaze for internet, it also dose not have a CD drive which is common in net books.... so it took me nother 15 days to make it workable, change my anti-virus company n then this baby worked. I still don't find it fast to my liking but yes it is one thing that makes my life easier when I wana blog sitting in a mall or cafe or simply write my book.

Battery backup of over 8 hours which I feel is a very good time when u're on the go.

I purchased it from a HP store for INR 20,500 but had to spend an additional 2K for all the renovation I did :P

Available in 4 colours, RED, Blue, Black n Grey

Now keeping the love part aside my actual verdict for HP Mini210 is if u’re the one who wants it to upload, down load n use really bulky software's don’t go for this one, also it being slow u’ll have to invest 2-3K to install few software's n getting the utilities can be quite a pain…if what am saying sounds Greek to you simply do not go in for this, it is a pain but if you know what am saying u already know what you need to do to get it working.
Bout the looks, what can I say, it’s the best in looks in it’s class of Net Books, very stylish, trendy n sleek.

It's very handy n due to it's size I can carry it around in my purse wid ease, also the lovely RED colour is a head turner n most of my friends have gone gaga over it, I guess looks do matter hun :D

Small n sleek enuff to fit in my purse

Don't bother, people do crazy things when they're in LOVE n  that's me still in Love wid my RED Hp

Ha ha, have fun people, take care n smile away....:):):):)

Priya :)

P.S. This is an expensive gadget so all the above views are based on my experience with this product, for more technical details I request you to visit the nearest HP store and also take along a tech freak who will guide you if you're thinking bout a purchase, Ciao!

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