Sunday, 3 February 2013

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3

Hiya People,
Today will be reviewing the much talked bout product in the world of Makeup, MAC Face and Body Foundation. It comes in a 50ml travel friendly plastic bottle with a nozzle for dispensing the product. The consistency of this foundation is very watery but ones you start blending it onto your skin it starts thickening and finally blends in like a second skin.

MAC Face and Body Foundation in C3

It's a beautiful product but I will personally recommend it for those who need sheer coverage. It dose not cover pigmentation, scars, marks or even dark facial hair for that matter. This product is also ideal for those who are new to makeup and really have no clue of using a foundation n require sheer coverage for everyday use. You cannot go overboard with this product so even if you take more quantity of this foundation it still blends beautifully wid the skin.

The key is to pick the right shade of foundation, do not pick a shade that is brighter than your skin tone, it's a misconception that a lighter shade will make you look fair, it just makes you look white n chalky, The shade closest to your skin will make you look very natural, for those wid paler skin a shade darker than their skin tone is suggested.
It's a water based, water resistant foundation that lasts upto 8-10hrs on my combination skin.

All MAC Face and Body Foundations start with a "C" for yellow undertones and "N" for those wid pink undertones.For Indian skin tones shades starting from "C" are recommended.

This is how it looks on me :)

Priced at Rs.1700/- is definitely pricey but since it's MAC n the product is just superb I'll say it's worth the outlay. I will suggest you to first take a sample of this pricey product from the MAC store n try it out in different lighting as well as time of the day n only after your satisfied go ahead wid the splurge. At times we buy things on impulse n also if you're a new bee in the world of makeup you mite be a bit timid to ask, relax! MAC SA's are very friendly and even if you find a not so friend SA still ask for a free sample of this product, test it to your satisfaction, any queries am just a mail away okies :)

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Priya :)


  1. Which do you consider a better buy.. this or the studio fix one? Loved the detailed review :) You are so correct about choosing the shade! following you!

    1. Hiya Sukanya,
      Studio fix is heavier in texture n gives coverage, also it lasts longer than this one, if you want coverage go for studio but if you just need even tone n wanna conceal minor imperfections go for Face n Body n apply concealer for spot correction or under eye dark circles, if you have any that is.
      Still if you need ni more info just lemme know your skin type n coverage will suggest you more options.
      Thanx for following, Take Care


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