Monday, 4 February 2013

EXCEL Lipstick,The most pocket friendly lippy I've ever purchased

Hi Friends,
With a mind boggling array of cosmetics one can get quite confused to add to this the products are quite pricey and so when I came across this lipstick I was just stunned looking at the price. It's priced at just Rs.60/- :p yeah u heard me right justc 60 bucks! Hmmm now that I have your full attenshion lets move on to the review ;)
This pocket friendly lippy comes in a thick pencil applicator, if u've seen NYX Jumbo Pencils or the Colorbar, Take Me As I am Pencils u'll know what am talking bout, the best part of the packaging is that it's a retractable lipstick so U don't need a sharpener for this lovely, cool na ;)

I was just checking out few lippy's n spotted a basket full of lippy's from this brand, on asking I was told there was no tester available for this product, my aunt picked a darker shade n asked me to pick one, I prefer subtle shades n so picked this n on inquiring bout the price I was dumbstruck, I repeated the qs. just to make sure I was told bout the price  and not number :P ...60/- ONLY!...HOW...WHY.... what is it made of??? Will it cause any allergy...:) yeah these question were swarming in my head too. The lipstick said it is enriched with vitamin C and not sure of that but what am sure of is this product DID NOT cause any allergy or pigmentation, in fact it was a super smooth lipstick, an awesome shade in No.4, naaaa, no name for it just number, kept my lips hydrated till it lasted....I was a happy girl :D

No.4 is lovely Peachy Pink shade n has a very smooth n soft texture, 2.8g of product at that price is .... I guess insane :) am not sure of it's contents and weather or not it has lead but am using this for last 10 days and it has turned out to be like a regular lipstick, no irritation etc. Has a creamy matte texture.

The only thing I don't like is the staying power which is 2hrs on my lips and not a very enchanting fragrance but other than that it's a steal....literally! The packaging is not classy but no complaints of any sort, will definitely buy more lipsticks from this range n if all cosmetics where so pocket friendly I would've had a huge bank balance by now ... on second thought I think I'll prefer a store house for the products I buy from the money saved :P crazyyyyy meee ;).... do grab a stick of this if you spot it, price may vary.

And that's a sleepy me in the sunny morning :) wearing EXCEL Lipstick in 04

Chalo people off to bed, TC n gudnite...ciao!

Love Ur
Priya :)


  1. This is so cute and the shade is so lovely!!! It looks amazing on you!! *sigh* ... surely not available here in kolkata :(

    1. Thanx Nivedita, glad u liked it, am so sorry it's not available in Kolkata, lemme know ur DOB will buy 2-3 nice shades when I go to the store next n ship it to u as a B'day gift :) TC


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