Thursday, 17 October 2013

GOA Travel Checklist

Hello Folks,
Goa is a has a hot n humid climate so the two most important problems tourists face are sunburn and dehydration. Generally the tourist season starts from mid of October, after rains. Below is a checklist of few things that one must carry on a Goa trip.

  1. Sunscreen Lotion with 60+ spf. It should be waterproof and sweatproof coz generally due to heavy perspiration  when we wipe our skin the screen too tends to come off leaving the skin vunerable to the sunrays.
  2. A bottle of water n if possible dissolve a packet of Electral in it, it will help to balance the loss of salt and keep you hydrated.
  3. A hydrating facial spray that you can spray when skin feels dry or after extreme exposure to sun.
  4. A lip balm stick, to protect the lips from flaking due to exposure to heat.
  5. Peanuts or any nuts for hunger pangs while site seeing.
  6. Loose cotton clothing, people generally prefer to wear short clothes and spaghetti  tops but this in turn exposes your skin to the harsh sunrays, a days for fun can result into a severely tanned skin, if you choose to wear such clothing make sure to apply loades of sunscreen liberally to your exposed skin.
  7. A hat or cap is very essential to protect your head to avoid sunstroke, headache or maigrain.
  8. A pair of dark sunglasses.
  9. Goa Street Map, this will show you the details of various markets, temples, churches, museums, supermarkets and hotels.
  10. Do a pre booking for your stay in hotels to avoid disappointment, inconvenience  and also avail the best rates and discounts during the peak season.

Plan your trip so you can make the most outta it, enjoy yourself and have a blast :D

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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