Sunday, 25 November 2012

Trends : Match Your Sneakers wid ur Tees

Gudmorning Folks :)
At times my frinends wonder how the hell I manage to match my Sneakers wid my Tees n when realization hits upon 'em we have a hearty laugh .... would like to share it wid You all just so I can see you smile next time you do it yourself :)

I love colours, vibrant, youthful and full of positivity. They make me feel alive n energize me.....Just take a pair of regular sneakers, preferably any dark colour coz then all thsese vibrant colours will stand out. 

I take a pair of sneakers and just change it's laces wid the one that matched wid the tee I plan to wear ;) You get these laces for 15-20 bucks on the streets, u don't have to go to an expensive shoe store n don't forget to  bargain :D

Pair'em up wid ur tee, if you have ankle length sneakers wear a Capri or just fold the length of ur jeans ;)

Hope you liked the tiny tip, grab that tee, get out those sneakers n step out in the sun, a lovely day awaits you.....have a blast!

Love Always
Priya :) 

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