Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water

Yello Fellas :)
The way to kickstart my day on a lovely note is a nutritious breakfast after a heavy duty workout :) so I just cooked-up an Upma, Indian version of semolina with veggies like carrot, peas, sweet corn, tomatoes & onion.

Hmmm so after such a awesome breakfast it's time for the review of Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water...the name miracle water is apt for the product since it's consistency transforms from a creamy consistency to a liquid one once let out of the bottle.

It is a leave on treatment and I use it after a hair-wash while blow drying my hair and love the way it makes my hair feel, non-greasy, shiny and very manageable. It also has a very strong perfume but after a while it fades n makes you love your hair, smelling fresh n shiny :)

It was turning into liquid, was a task to click before it transformed completely :P

It claims to beat humidity and dryness, yes it dose beat humidity but when it comes to beating dryness it dose a gud job the day you use it only, the next day the hair feel a lil dry, still I love using it since it dose not make my hair feel sticky or scalp itchy after usage.

Phewwwwww trying to capture that shine on camera was such a task :P really!

2 Pumps were enough to cover the entire length of my hair so rest assured the product is gonna last for a decent time.

Priced at Rs.159 is worth the outlay.

Have a fab day!

Love Always
Priya :)

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