Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Vega D'Tangler Wet Paddle Brush

Hiya People,
My week is shaping up great, hope so is yours. I've been meaning to review this brush since last week, so a very quick review about Vega D'Tangler Wet Paddle Brush.

All of us have faced the problem of hairfall at some point in our lives, there are numerous reasons for hair fall and one among them is breakage. Again there are many reasons for breakage, dry hair, frizzy hair, combing wet hair n many more. I personally am habituated to blow-drying my hair into a sleek curtain after every wash, but even after applying serum I do find it quite problematic to comb my wet hair, so I generally wait for 'em to dry a bit or just semi-dry 'em without combing. This process was consuming my time n also resulted in me being harsh with handling my hair in the morning rush. This brush was the ultimate solution to my problem.

It's a girlie pink paddle brush with flexible intelliflex bristles, guess that short of Intelligent n Flexible :P niways so moving on ...

The picture is quite self explanatory... if I just had to add my experience then this is a lovely product n value for money. While buying expensive products, curling n straightening irons n serums we oversee the basic necessity, a good hair brush, it plays am important role in maintaining the hair texture n health.

Priced t Rs. 325 is an excellent buy esp if you have long hair like me. I love this product since its made my life a lot easier n hair more beautiful ;)
Also available in a round brush.
 Very flexible bristles that dont tug or pull ur hair while they r wet. So while you go n check out this brush lemme treat myself to these moist, sweet n n simply ummmmm boondi ladoos :) c ya

Lotsa Love
Priya :)

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