Monday, 6 May 2013

Victoria's Secret Radiant Face Trio in Captivate

Hiya Fellas,
Hope you had a gud start to your week, my day was flooded with gifts from my dear Aunts with over 8 awesome tunics, tops, jackets, kurtis and a very lovely n colourfull scarf :) am still smiling ear to ear will share  pics ASAP. Coming to todays post this is a cutie I've been meaning to share for quite sometime now. I had gone to a store when I happene to spot this n just had to have it.It's a very lovely trio of face illuminating powder with 3 distinct colours of brown, pink and silvery white. 

It comes in a verrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy cute pakaging of pink n gold.

All 3 colours when blended togethere impart a very healthy n subtle glow to the skin. It can be worn alone during the day and teamed with a slight darker blush for the night

The shop charged me Rs.1500/- for 7g for this lovely beauty.

Victoria's Secret Radiant Face Trio in Captivate

Stays for 3-4hrs on my super oily skin and dose not look shimmery. Easy to carry around in your purse.

This is how it looks on me, hope you liked this finely milled powder of Victoria's Secret Radiant Face Trio in Captivate

Yawnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! Sleepy, shopping is hardwork you know :) gudnite

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