Friday, 14 March 2014

Maybelline pink Alert Lipstick, POW4

Maybelline has recently launched their range of Pink Alert Lipsticks with 4 bright pink shades. The moment I saw them I was like OMG these r such bright shades, almost like neon shades n will make my medium fair skin darker but I just had to try 'em coz they r PINKKKKK :D 

I picked the colour POW 4, a pretty peachy pink bright luking colour and exactly same to maybelline Matte 1. 

POW 4 from Maybelline Pink Alert

I loved the colour and rather than build on the bright pink shade I prefer to smudge it on my lips to impart a very natural looking pinkish tint to the lips.

POW 4 from Pink Alert Vs Matte1 from Maybelline

For starters as I said both shades are identical when it comes to colour as you can see for urself.
  • Matte 1 as the name goes is a matte shade where as POW 4 gives a moisturized look to the lips.
  • Matte 1 has a better staying power than POW 4 
  • Matte 1 looses to POW 4 when it comes to pigmentation, POW 4 gives a lovely pigmentation in a single swipe when compared to Matte 1.
  • Both are priced at Rs. 375/- so take ur pick :D 
Have a super day!

Priya :)

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