Saturday, 14 December 2013

My Haul

I buy stuff almost everyday... literally! Am also always on da look out for different things, makeup being my most favourite thing. I was kinda bored waiting looking at the same stuff over n over again at the cosmetic counters so I turned my gaze to a brand I've ignored due to their very unfriendly SA's, Lotus Herbals. The products I've purchased were their pure stay blushes but as luck mite have it I chanced to meet a very enthu SA n she did the best thing in the world of me at that moment.... she offered me a chair! What! I had been shopping for over 4 hours with an injured knee,Ji was sold :)

Other then being super sweet she was also really good with her product knowledge n ended up selling me this :D

I got buy one get 1 free lotus pure stay blush n a long wear lip liner free with my pure stay lipstick plus a super cute pouch :D smiling ear to matter how much stuff we buy we still love our free bees dont we :)

Njoy your weekend and the winter chill, c ya


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