Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The most romantic moment of my life :D II

After a lovely dinner n an overload of calories :p he took my hand n lead me to a quite area near da was beautiful with rain drops splashing in da pool...quite music...dimly lit surrounding n my most trusted best friend by my side... :) we've fought...giggled...worked on projects... shared good n bad times n untill this moment I felt I knew him compleatly... but for da very first time I saw da outgoing guy turn nervous... it made me smile but as he quitely removed a rose from his jacket pocket I was stunned...where did that come from? I saw him give an implish smile n look into my eyes...OMG!My heart was beating like a hammer... I LOVE U! Were his words n I knew this was not just my best friend speak....but a guy who was in love with a girl for da very first time, he looked like a college going teenager...cute...shy...n innocent...
I love u too buddy..I smiled...he eased out a lil n then removed a tiny velvett box...n in that box was a beautiful diamond studded ring....a ring that I had seen in a jewellery shop n had liked... I wasent surprised he had remembered....he always dose :) remembering da smallest of details... Will U Marry Me? I Want to spend my life wid u n I promise I will always b there wid u...u dont have to be scared...AM THERE!
His words got me all emotional...marriage was sumthing that I was not very comfortable with coz I always felt its a big responsibility that am still not mature enuff to  take on...Im a prankster...I laugh...I jump around...I am a kid at heart n in my actions...also I've never beenaway from my family....even for a will I stay away from my lil Sis...Mom n when he said dont b there...I felt relieved...everything felt right...this was my best buddy... I smiled n said "Yes Chikoo I will "

This da legendary ring :p cute na... 


That is da happy me on da most romantic evening of my life :)

Love n Smiles
Priya :)

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